Find Kristen Galvan

Thousands of children are reported missing in Texas every year. This year, 16-year-old Kristen Galvan is one of them. On New Years Day 2020, Kristen left her home in Spring, Texas to go and visit her grandmother in The Woodlands. It was the last time her mother Robyn Bennett ever saw her. Kristen vanished the following day, and her grandmother immediately called Robyn once she realised she was missing. Robyn contacted the police within a day of her disappearance.

There is little information available about the investigation, but Kristen is believed to be a victim of trafficking. The Facebook page Find Kristen Galvan  alleges that court records show she was a victim of Texas traffickers Aryion Jackson, Gerald Jones, and Shiquinn Thomas. Jackson is currently awaiting trial after police discovered he kept up to 12 girls and women inside a northeast Houston home.


Kristen is described as hispanic, 5'6" and 135 lbs. She has hazel hair and blonde hair, although it's possible her hair may have been changed in order to conceal her identity. You can report a sighting via this link, or by calling the number below. Please share this post, and let's get Kristen Galvan home.