13-year-old rape kit leads to arrest in Kentucky

A rape kit from a 2005 assault was finally linked to a known sex offender this week.

The evidence was collected from the then 15-year-old victim after she was raped in McCracken County of Kentucky, USA. It was tested as part of the state’s effort to clear its backlog of untested sexual assault kits, which according to Attorney General Andy Beshear amount to over 3,100.

Jason Langston, 45, was arrested at his Louisville home on Tuesday and is charged with first degree rape and first degree sodomy among other charges. Records show that he has already served 15 years in prison for an unrelated charge of sexual abuse. Langston is currently being held at McCracken County Jail and will face trial on October 15 this year.

Andy Beshear labelled the backlog of kits as a 'national shame', blaming it on a lack of qualified staff and a limited number of testing locations. To address the issue, the Attorney General's office provided $4.5 million in settlement money to fund Kentucky police crime labs as well as an additional $1 million to help investigators and prosecutors.

A targeted unit was established in Kentucky last year who are currently working on 10 other cases.