Akia Eggleston

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

When 22-year-old Akia Eggleston didn’t turn up to her own baby shower on May 7 2017, her family knew immediately that something was awry. With calls to Akia left unanswered and a prenatal appointment missed, they decided to visit her Baltimore apartment. There they were met with a troubling scene.

Akia Eggleston

The apartment had been stripped of almost everything, bare except for a bed and a couple of dressers. It was as if Akia had decided to just pack up and leave, yet 8 months into a high-risk pregnancy, she could barely walk, let alone move house.

This would be the second child for Akia, who had a 2-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The father of her unborn child was a childhood friend of Akia’s step-dad, a fact which, for unknown reasons, the young woman had opted to keep to herself. Standing less than 5 feet tall and with the baby in a breech position, a caesarean had been planned for when her due date arrived.

Surveillance footage was pulled from Akia’s apartment complex, where it transpired that the necessary camera hadn’t been working, and a canvas of the area provided no further clues. The last known images of Akia is from a number of banks in the Baltimore area, where a family friend had driven her on 3rd May. Akia, who did not have a car of her own, went from bank to bank, not only withdrawing money from the ATMs but also cashing in cheques from various sources. Akia told the friend that the money was for the downpayment on a house that her and the baby's father were seeing later that day. The large sum of cash disappeared with Akia, and it is not known if she ever made it to the viewing, or if indeed there was ever a viewing at all.

The due date has now come and gone, and there is still no sign of Akia Eggleston. It is becoming and more and more likely that there is foul play involved, with the FBI offering $25,000 for information regarding her whereabouts. With no new leads and no named suspects, coverage of Akia's disappearance has dwindled to a halt. But as weeks pass and seasons change, Akia’s little girl is still waiting for her mother to come home.

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