Allan Bryant Jr

It was a night of celebration on November 2, 2013, and a rare night out for Allan Bryant Jr. The 23-year-old left his family home in Glenrothes, Fife, at about half past 8 in the evening to head to an engagement party at a nearby golf club.

After the party, he and some friends went on to Styx nightclub, where he stayed until around 2am. But since walking out into that cold winter’s night, Allan has never been seen again.

CCTV footage from the nightclub shows Allan walking through the foyer by himself and speaking briefly to the doorman before heading down the street in the direction of his home, located about a 10 minute walk away.

Having enjoyed some drinks that evening, the footage shows Allan unsteady on his feet, almost taking a tumble when it appears he is shoved by a man on the two steps up to the street. It was a busy Saturday night at Styx, and the camera shows a number of other revellers both in the foyer and outside the club.

For reasons unknown, it was seven months after Allan’s disappearance that the footage of him leaving Styx was released to the public, missing a vital opportunity to jog the memories of fellow club-goers that night.

Though there are several other cameras in the surrounding area, no other footage has been released. It is unclear whether the police are simply keeping it to themselves, or as some suspect, that they failed to collect it in time.

Allan left the club that night without a jacket, as he had left it at the engagement party he attended earlier in the evening. He also had no cash or cards on him, or a mobile phone, as it had broken just a couple of weeks before.

Glenrothes is one of the most populated areas in Fife, and Styx nightclub is surrounded by both residential roads as well as some open green areas. It seems unlikely that no one would have seen Allan once he left the club, particularly as there were so many other people leaving at around the same time.

Allan's father, Allan Snr, believes it is possible that rather than heading home that evening, Allan may have gone to a nearby house party. But if he did, the other guests are keeping quiet.

The Bryant family have been vocal in their disappointment with the police’s handling of the investigation. As well as withholding the CCTV footage, police also neglected to provide an incident van outside of Styx nightclub the week after Allan went missing, which could have provided crucial information into the young man’s disappearance.

After the family filed a formal complaint, the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner agreed that the enquiry was not handled to a reasonable standard. Since then there has been renewed efforts into the search for Allan, making it the biggest missing persons enquiry Fife has ever seen.

The Bryant family’s suffering has been made worse by the targeted campaign of an internet troll. Stewart McInroy, also from Fife, sent a series of Facebook messages to Allan’s father and sister claiming to have tortured and killed him.

McInroy was jailed for ten months, but just days after release resumed his messages to the family, earning himself another eight months in prison. However, following a successful appeal, McInroy was freed after just one month.

Hope was briefly renewed for the Bryant family in 2017 when a search warrant was issued on a house in Barnton Place, an area just over one mile from Styx nightclub. The house in question was on the same road as the party Allan may have gone to that night. But after almost five weeks of searching the address, police came back empty handed.

In just a few weeks it will have been five years since Allan Bryant Jr went missing from Glenrothes. Somewhere in this Scottish town, someone knows what happened. For Allan's family left living in limbo, they can only hope that one day they will speak.