Ember Skye Graham

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

The disappearance of a child is always a harrowing event - but when the child is just a few months old, the tragedy feels all the more profound. One such tragedy occurred in 2015, when 6-month-old Ember Skye Graham disappeared from her California home.

Ember Skye Graham

It was the early hours of July 2 when Ember's father Matthew Graham placed a call to 911. After allegedly leaving the baby girl asleep in her playpen, Matthew Graham smoked marijuana and dozed off, before waking at 5 am and discovering his daughter missing. Full of inconsistencies, police doubted Matthew's story from the start, doubting that a baby could be kidnapped from within a gated property that was also guarded by dogs. Furthermore, the door to Matthew's trailer was broken, only accessible with a screwdriver, and Graham himself had stated that Ember would have cried if she were to be picked up by a stranger. Panic was heightened by Ember's serious medical needs, as she required daily medication to control a life-threatening seizure disorder.

Suspicion grew when police reviewed surveillance footage of a nearby store from the day that baby Ember went missing. The tapes show Graham driving in his truck with Ember fastened into her carrier, on a journey he claimed to have taken to help her fall asleep. But instead of heading straight home, as he claimed, the camera captures him driving off in the opposite direction and returning a full hour later. When questioned by police, Graham stated that he could not remember where he went.

A week after Ember’s disappearance a pacifier was found at the side of the road, which the baby’s mother (and later DNA testing) proved to be hers. The next day, Graham stole his mother’s phone, some cash and a handgun and went on the run from the law. Holding up a local couple at gunpoint, he stole a GPS-equipped Buick Lucerne and police managed to catch up with him just a few days later. After opening fire, Graham was shot dead, the knowledge of Ember's whereabouts likely taken to the grave.  Ember’s mother has since professed Graham's innocence, and what became of this sweet little girl may forever remain unknown.

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