Kirsty Maxwell

27-year-old newlywed Kirsty Maxwell was looking forward to a hen weekend when she set off for sunny Spain in April of 2017. But during the trip, her life would come to a tragic end - and 3 years later her family are still waiting for answers.

Kirsty was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Denise and Brian Curry. Later on, following a move to West Lothian, a younger brother, Ryan, would complete the Curry family. After completing her studies, Kirsty got a job at a bank, and in 2006 she married Adam Maxwell. The pair had known each other for around 10 years, and had plans to buy a new home together and start a family of their own. Sadly, all of that was about to change.

Just 7 months after her own wedding, Kirsty set off to Benidorm with 19 friends to celebrate a friend's upcoming marriage. They checked into My Pretty Payma Apartments, also known as Apartmentos Payma at 9:15 pm on the 28th April. At just before 8 the next morning, Kirsty was found dead at the side of the pool. She had fallen from the balcony of the 10th floor - from an apartment that wasn't even her own.

The apartment she had fallen from was 10E, one floor above and opposite her own apartment, 9A. Kirsty and her friends had been out that evening, but had returned to their own apartment in the early hours of the morning. A video from a friend's mobile phone showed Kirsty sound asleep at 6:50 am. How then, just one hour later, had she fallen to her death from the other side of the building?

The residents of apartment 10E were a group of five men from Nottingham, England. All of them denied having anything to do with Kirsty's death, and could offer no explanation as to how she had ended up in their room. One of the men claimed to have heard his friend say, “there’s a girl in the bathroom” before telling her to get out of their room. Moments later, they shouted, “fuck she’s jumped”. Although one of the party was arrested by police, he was later released after no evidence could be found against him.

With uncertainty surrounding the events leading up to Kirsty's death, the Spanish police launched a homicide investigation. However, the flaws in their work led to potentially vital evidence being missed. Key witnesses at the apartment complex were not interviewed, including 'Spanish'-speaking people who tried to catch the attention of police at the scene.

While Kirsty's phone was checked by forensics, none of the phones of the 5 men were. Evidence was allegedly mishandled, including Kirsty's clothing, which had been burned at the time of her autopsy. CCTV, which could be vital in a case shrouded with such mystery, was not fully retained, with police presenting only 7 minutes worth of footage to Kirsty's family. The only telling piece of evidence came from an examination of the scene, where an expert deduced that Kirsty had been facing inward, towards the apartment, when she fell.

Despite this, in 2019 the Spanish police declared that Kirsty's death was an accident, and have rejected her family's bid to investigate any further. But together, Kirsty’s husband Adam, her parents Brian and Denise and her younger brother Ryan are continuing their fight for the truth.